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What Comes With That Cheap Limousine?

Nearly all consumers today are looking for value, but the best value isn’t typically found in the cheapest or the most expensive categories for any goods or services.
And there’s another trend in today’s economy-minded marketplace: putting similar merchants or vendors in a bidding war for your dollar. This can save you a considerable amount of money … but is the bottom-dollar offer also the best value available? Shopping around is a smart idea … but not if you’ve invested four hours of your time just to save ten or twenty dollars.
Can you imagine a world in which people bought cars or homes based strictly on which option was the cheapest? Who would want to wear the cheapest dress or suit or jeans they could find?
Last spring, a client wanted to cancel his limousine a couple of days before his event because he found another company willing to provide the same service we offered for $2 per hour less. We asked if he knew about the qualifications of the chauffeur they had scheduled, or what type of car they were offering. He did not. But he still demanded that we meet their price, or he’d walk.
I asked him to engage in a hypothetical scenario with me. I wondered if he could envision himself calling a steakhouse to say that he’d found a similar steak dinner for $5 less at a competitor’s restaurant. Would he call the owner and demand that the lower price be met? What restaurant owner would do that? I said that the difference in price between the two steak dinners was probably based on what came with the meal or, even more likely, the ambiance at the restaurant and the level of service provided to diners. Which is exactly why our prices are not rock-bottom: We feel that we offer exceptional service, highly courteous, knowledgeable and personable drivers, outstanding and well-maintained vehicles, and responsive office personnel who do everything to meet clients’ needs quickly and efficiently.
If you’re going to bargain hunt for your next limousine service, be sure to compare apples to apples. Ask about the age of the car and the type of driver you’ll have. Most importantly, be sure the price per hour quoted includes all charges that you might possibly incur. There are limousine companies out there who have widespread Internet advertising campaigns promoting wine tours for as little as $50 per hour in a stretch limousine. But after you add the taxes, licensing fee, fuel charges, etc., it actually comes closer to $90 per hour.
Finally, for your own protection, we recommend that you be sure that any company you consider is fully licensed and insured. We respectfully submit that safety should also be a major factor when considering multiple limousine companies. For us, your safety is our top priority.