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The Smart Approach to Wedding Transportation

We love weddings, and we love love. We have to – Dan and I are quite happily married, and the success of our marriage, the strength of our love is in many ways the cornerstone of our business.
We love helping other couples celebrate their wedding days with a wide variety of transportation solutions, and we enjoy impressing them with the thoughtful details we provide.
Sometimes a bride, or the mother or father of a bride, and sometimes even a groom, will call to book transportation and tell us they only need a quick (20 minute) transfer, and they’ll ask for our best price on a Saturday. But on Saturday, it can be impossible to provide a quick transfer unless you have more limousines than you know what to do with. With most companies requiring a five-or six-hour minimum on Saturdays, it might be best to try to schedule a transfer early in the morning or late at night. Beyond that, your options are limited.

For the uninitiated, Saturday is the busiest day of the week for nearly any limousine company, as well as catering companies, musicians, photographers and pastry chefs. Saturday is the day when 90 percent of humanity plans their major celebrations, their long-delayed reunions and their most memorable milestones. If there’s any way to plan your wedding for a Sunday, Friday or any other day of the week, you can save considerable amounts of money with this strategy.

Whether you arrange for a quick transfer or a full day of limousine or limo bus service, ask questions to protect yourself. You’ll want to know: What type of vehicle can I expect? What color will the vehicle be? What is the maximum capacity for passengers in the vehicle? Will I have a courteous and experienced driver? Will my total price include a tip for the driver? What beverages will be available to us, and when? What will the total, final, out-the-door price be for my wedding transportation?

We recommend that you get a contract from your transportation provider, with all services spelled out in writing. We do this for each and every client. Before the wedding day, the planner or the person booking the transportation should – without question — have in hand a transportation agreement specifying all pick-up and drop-off locations and corresponding times, contact phone numbers and email addresses, and what type of transportation they are receiving.
Nearly all limousine companies will require a deposit, and nearly all deposits are non-refundable, especially in Spring, Summer and Fall. We do understand that sometimes plans change. We’re happy to offer our clients an attractive option with their deposits: as long as they cancel with more than one week’s notice, we can credit the deposit toward future transportation.

Look for a limousine company or transportation provider with staff who seem flexible, friendly and accommodating.

Also consider hiring a van or a bus to provide transportation back to the hotel for guests who have been drinking. For just a couple hundred dollars, the families of the bride and groom can rest assured that there will be no DUI or tragic accident when guests don’t get behind the wheel at the end of the reception.

A little planning, good budgeting and thorough communication will ensure that everybody lives happily ever after.

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