SSL Fleet Meets New 2017 Limo Safety Regulations 16 Months Early

2015-12-01 00:48:55

FROM: Sonoma Sterling Limousines, Inc.

Contact: Moira Bessette


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SUMMARY: Santa Rosa-based Sonoma Sterling Limousines (SSL) announced that new additions to its fleet are already in compliance with California’s new, stricter limousine safety regulations set to take effect on January 1, 2017—nearly 16 months ahead of the deadline. The new regulations require modified luxury vehicles that carry 8 or more passengers, such as stretch limousines, to have multiple emergency exits.

SANTA ROSA, CA October 30, 2015 –
Sonoma Sterling Limousines announced today that the newest additions to its fleet, acquired in September, meet new California safety regulations requiring that modified luxury vehicles have additional emergency exits. The move to meet mandates set to take effect on January 1, 2017, was completed 16 months ahead of the state’s deadline.

“The state has raised the bar on luxury transportation safety,” said company owner Daniel Bessette, “and we didn’t want to wait a year or more before complying with the new law. So we moved quickly on this.” The regulations require multiple emergency exits for modified luxury vehicles holding 8 or more passengers. In particular, the change affects modified vehicles, such as stretch limousines. It does not target modern luxury buses that carry 8 or more passengers since their design already meets safety requirements under state law.

With increased customer demand for large-capacity luxury vehicles, SSL recently added two Mercedes Sprinter vans and a brand-new MKT stretch limousine—all of which carry 8 or more passengers and meet the state’s 2017 requirements for safety. Unlike most stretch limousines on California roads today, the MKT features two rear doors and four emergency exit push-out side windows. “We wanted to offer our passengers peace of mind from knowing that they’re riding in the safest possible vehicles—regardless of when they make their reservations,” said Bessette. He also noted that all SSL vehicles carry additional safety equipment beyond what the state requires, including fire extinguishers, safety hammers and first aid kits.

Now the highest-rated transportation company in Sonoma County, SSL offers a range of luxury transport services, including weddings, corporate events and both scheduled and chartered wine tours.

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About Sonoma Sterling Limousines: SSL is a luxury transportation company based in Santa Rosa, California that emphasizes safety and customer service. Specializing in wine tours, corporate and special event transportation, SSL has a 5-star customer satisfaction rating. The company equips each of its vehicles with additional safety equipment beyond that required by state or federal regulations. SSL maintains full compliance with California Public Utilities Commission regulations, and carries license #TCP 20374-A.