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Our Ride Begins

Not quite as significant as the crash of the universe-generating Big Bang … yet the definitive thud of the closing door that begins each limousine journey almost always announces the start of something big for every one of our clients. Once in motion, ensconced in chrome, fiber-optics, leather and lacquer, our passengers are typically tingling with anticipation while they wonder what is about to unfold during their day.

For airport transfers, it may not be the limousine ride itself as much as the anticipation of seeing new lands or cherished relations.

Weddings can be a little stressful for us, only because we feel the weight of the import of each moment of the day for brides, grooms and the families who love them.  We take pride in doing weddings well and always being ready to change the plans a bit as evolving circumstances dictate.

We do proms, funerals, San Francisco nightclub runs, dinners out, concert and sporting event runs; it seems like we have been privileged to be a part of almost every imaginable sort of major life event. 

But wine tours are what we do most. This is where our love of Sonoma County — our many friends in cities and towns from Cloverdale to Bodega to Sonoma to Petaluma, and our decades of living right here — is so important. My husband, Dan, knows the wineries in ways that leave me dizzy. Just when I start to get familiar with a Sonoma or Napa winery and the vintages that make it noteworthy, three new wineries spring up just feet from its doors. It is a relief to be able to ask our wonderful clients to talk with Dan to help them make choices about where their time would be best spent.

In this space I’ll talk about some of the more memorable sights seen by clients and chauffeurs rolling through Sonoma County and the Bay Area. I may also weigh in with thoughts on news stories or other life events. I’ll look forward to feedback from users, too.