Happy New Year from Sonoma Sterling Limousines, Inc., Sonoma County’s New Year Party Bus Specialist! | Sonoma Sterling Limousines


Happy New Year from Sonoma Sterling Limousines, Inc., Sonoma County’s New Year Party Bus Specialist!

New Year, New Decade, New Possibilities

One of the biggest party nights of the year will be here in just a couple of days! We encourage everyone to celebrate safely so that we’re all around to enjoy a healthy and happy 2011. Naturally, we are offering spectacular pricing on exceptional luxury transportation on New Year’s Eve (December 31) and for all of your holiday needs. Some of our clients plan to ring in the New Year in San Francisco, while others are keeping the party closer to home in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma and Healdsburg. As 2010 winds down, our clients, our friends and family and our company reflect on the last 12 months, the last decade and the coming New Year.
The roots of our company took hold about a decade ago when Dan began chauffeuring. He immediately saw that there was room here for a client-centered limousine business … one that placed safety, integrity, responsibility and thoughtfulness as its highest priorities. We incorporated in 2006 and have grown steadily each year. In fact, it amazes us and the people in our lives that we have substantially increased our business every year since we started, despite the far-reaching economic downturn and the decline in revenues in our industry as a whole.
We are so very pleased that we have carved a niche for our brand of reliable limousine service – through Sonoma Sterling Limousines, Dan and I have found a fantastic way to make our workday about sharing our love of Sonoma County and Wine Country with wonderful people from all 50 states and numerous nations. As natives of California, our devotion to Sonoma County is a big part of our business and our lives.
We have really grown in the last year, and for that, we are deeply grateful. We’ve made a concerted effort to accommodate our clients’ requests. We now have five vehicle types in our diverse fleet, including van, SUV, luxury crossover, stretch limousine and party bus vehicles, with more plans to expand in 2011. We thank our hard-working and quality-focused staff for their efforts in helping us grow our reputation for excellence. We thank our clients for putting their faith in us and for the opportunity to serve them.
We also pause to think about the importance of safety. Not just on New Year’s Eve, but with every job we accept. Dan and I strive to make each trip, each transfer and each event be, first and foremost, a safe ride.
We constantly look for new ways to expand and improve our menu of services for your convenience and delight. We always welcome feedback so that, as a more nimble small business, we can quickly adapt to your needs as well as growing trends in luxury transportation – especially in the amazing Sonoma County and North Bay limousine markets.
We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year … we look forward to seeing you and serving you in 2011.